Hi! This page is for me to write a bit about my identity,
for people who are curious.

Who are you?

I'm Alex! Most of the time, anyway. It's short for Alexandra.

Where are you from?

I'm Pakistani-American. My family is Urdu-speaking, with
a mostly North Indian background. My Urdu isn't great, though.

What's your gender?

I'm non-binary. I generally lean pretty fem and like
being referred to as such. For pronouns, I'm okay with
she/her, they/them, and sometimes it/its.
You can see my full pronouns page here.

This site exudes an unplaceably autistic vibe.

Yeah! I'm autistic, as you can probably tell. I also have ADHD, which
basically means I am constantly worked up over stimulant shortages.
I'm also plural.

Plural? What does that mean?

It means I share my brain and body with a bunch of other people.
Our plurality is dissociative in nature; it's accompanied by memory
problems such as brain fog and black-outs, and I also have related PTSD.
Click here to learn more about plurality.