Hi! I'm Alex, a.k.a. nim. The above is my avatar.
Please refer to me using she/her third-person pronouns.

I'm a hobbyist programmer in the United States. I do programming
decently well, and a number of other hobbies badly.

My main hobby is technical Super Mario 64. In it I make tool-assisted
speedruns and do hacking and reverse-engineering. I've also worked on
the SM64 decompilation.

I'm also interested in linguistics and music. I speak English and toki pona
(if you think that counts) and can understand Urdu. In my spare time I
sometimes play chess.

I have a collection of chemical elements. My favorite samples are of plutonium,
americium, and potassium. I also have a collection of Nintendo consoles and
Mario games. My favorite game is Super Mario Galaxy.

Much of my notable SM64 work is on my YouTube.
My Twitter is @alex11010011h. Feel free to shoot me a follow request.
My Mastodon is (currently) at @alexing@tech.lgbt, and I'm on cohost @alexing.
The best way to contact me is on Discord at nim#6398, or by gmail at alexing105.